Platinum sponsors are acknowledged as premium supporters of the event, and enjoy exclusive sponsorship of a specific aspect of the conference, across all regional events within the entire conference. There are six Platinum packages available linked to exclusive sponsorship of an aspect of the event, as outlined in more detail below. In addition to this exclusive aspect recognized across all the events, each Platinum sponsor will take an enhanced role at three specific regional events, through the delivery of an important presentation (or being part of a seminal panel discussion), at each of these three events; recognition from the conference chair; six complimentary registrations; and the opportunity to host an off-site program either the day before, or day after, the event.



  • Exclusive Sponsorship Element
  • Reinforcing Expertise / Thought Leadership
  • Conference Attendance & VIP Networking Reception Invites
  • Pre-Event Advertising / Website
  • On-Site Promotion
  • Logo on Website Homepage
  • Media Relations & Social Media
  • Other Additional Benefits


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See all Platinum Sponsor benefits in the table at the bottom of this page.

Sponsor All Events

As mentioned above, there are six specific Platinum packages linked to exclusive sponsorship of an aspect of the conference. These are:

Platinum + App

The Platinum + App sponsor benefits from exclusive branding of the conference app, which is used by all delegates to interact with the event—before, during and after the conference.

Platinum + CTBUH Journal

All attendees will receive a copy of the special conference issue of the CTBUH Journal, themed on the event. The Journal will also be distributed internationally to all CTBUH members. As the sole sponsor of the issue, the sponsor’s logo will be on the cover and contain a relevant paper within.

Platinum + Name Badge Lanyard

A name badge will be worn by every attendee across all the conference regional events, with the lanyard occupying a prominent, visible position. The sponsor will enjoy a high degree of brand visibility by the inclusion of their logo on the lanyard, alongside the CTBUH logo.

Platinum + International Research Seed Funding

Talented researchers from across the world compete for US$10,000 in funding, drawn from the sponsorship, to advance transformative proposals aimed at improving the tall building typology/urban habitat. The sponsor will be recognized as the sole supporter of this initiative internationally and will nominate a judge to serve on the panel.

Platinum + International Student Design Competition

This competition offers students from around the world the chance to share their design concepts with industry professionals. The sponsor will receive recognition for support of this initiative, with the best projects receiving US$10,000 funding drawn from the sponsorship. Final judging will take place across the conference locations.

Platinum + Student Research Competition

Garnering entries from around the world, this competition asks talented students to create an engaging research output that considers the role of the tall building within the urban realm. The sponsor will be recognized as the sole supporter of this initiative internationally and can nominate a judge to serve on the expert jury.

Platinum + Post-Event Publication

This robust post-conference publication will build upon the themes presented during the conference, drawing contributions from some of the event’s speakers to create a highly engaging output. As the sole sponsor of this post-event publication, the sponsor’s logo will be prominently displayed on the cover.


Other Sponsorship Opportunities



Sponsor Benefit Table

All Events
9 Packages
Sponsor Branding Priority2nd Highest Priority
Exclusive Sponsorship(i) CTBUH Journal;
(ii) Name Badge Lanyards;
(iii) International Research Seed Funding;
(iv) Student Research Competition;
(v) International Student Design Competition;
(vi) Post-Event Publication
Play Promotional Video 
Presentation/Speaker Roles3
Complimentary Conference Registrations (Total)6
VIP Invites to Networking
Reception (Total)
Recognition from Chair At Conference Open & Close
Opportunity to Host Off-Site Program
Logo on Website Homepage
Logo in Event Adverts in CTBUH Journal, etc.
Promotion Via Social Media
Company Email Campaign Support
Material on Sponsor Table
Logo on Signage
Logo on Walk-in/-out Slide Loop
Promotion via Post-Conference Digital Report
Recognition in Conference Guide
Special Designation on Name BadgesSponsor
Logo on Website

*Sponsorship fee is net of all taxes and fees. Any taxes and fees need to be paid by the sponsor.