Key Information

  • When8–12 November 2021
  • WhatA series of half, full- and two-day in-person events convened around the conference’s key themes
  • WhereOver 16 cities across the Americas, Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East
  • Anticipated Audience 1,500+ Delegates globally


Engage with Over 16 Cities Across the Globe

As the world adapts to the evolving COVID-19 crisis, a new template for the kinds of cities we need is developing, one that requires more flexibility in the way homes and workplaces are designed and more intentionality in how healthy living is supported. Critical decisions grappling with the carbon footprint of the built environment must be made, with their effectiveness measured against the health of the urban realm. Most crucially, a new appreciation has formed for human-scale details as the key ingredient to a thriving and resilient city.

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As the opportunity to convene physically becomes more realistic in certain parts of the world, CTBUH is excited to return to an in-person format for its 2021 Conference, which will focus on the challenges facing our cities through the central themes of Carbon, Climate, Society, and The Future City.
These discussions transcend a single location, as issues of this scope affect regions around the world in contextually-unique ways. The 2021 Conference will take place across over 16 cities over the course of a week, with an expected attendance of several hundred top delegates at each gathering, to help steer a local dialogue on these paramount global subjects. Through half-day, full-day, and two-day events consisting of presentations, panel discussions, workshops, interviews, building tours, and in-person networking receptions, cities will engage in a parallel global discourse about the future of the urban realm.
Join us this November for The Future City: Addressing Carbon, Climate & Societal Crises, as we drive urgent solutions for equitable and resilient future cities at the CTBUH 2021 Conference, taking place across over 16 cities including Chicago, San José, Toronto, Colombo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Berlin/Frankfurt/Stuttgart, Copenhagen, London, and Vienna.

Conference topics will include:

•  Carbon: Counting, Curtailing, and Capturing
Reducing embodied and operating carbon, carbon capture and sequestration, end-of-life carbon, or the role of mass timber in the carbon conversation.

•  Climate: Change, Challenges, and Choices
Urban resilience, resilient buildings, green walls and façades, or natural ventilation in tall buildings.

•  Society: Sustainability, Safety, and Sensitivity
Affordable cities, infrastructure for equity, the built environment’s impact on human health, and culturally responsive design.

•  The Future City: Flexibility, Collaboration, and Circular Design
Human well-being as design guide, holistic high-density design, disaster survivability, flexible work/live spaces, and adaptive public space.



Shape the Future City


Thought Leadership

We have reached a tipping point, where critical decisions must be made about the future of our cities. We must engage the challenge of the massive global carbon footprint our cities create, while accommodating the growing urban population, and accounting for human health and well-being as we do so. In building tall, we must think beyond “amenities” and “features,” and create holistic, inclusive places where we want, even need to be. Join the CTBUH network of thought leaders to develop and share ideas, and to act decisively.


Strengthen Connections

Conferences open a democratic space where individuals one might never normally encounter in the day-to-day purposefully gather to learn and open themselves to discovery. This creates an incredibly rich environment to make meaningful and fruitful connections, both through networking opportunities and catching up with colleagues. Share ideas, find common ground, and lay the groundwork for future endeavors with decision makers across a wide variety of specializations in the cities important to your business.


Share Your Voice

Attending your local event—as part of the CTBUH 2021 International Conference—guarantees you a seat at the table with key thought leaders and city-makers interested in tall buildings and urbanism. Position yourself as a critical contributor to the conversation around the pressing issues facing the world today. Professionals from the tall building design, engineering, construction, ownership, and operation disciplines have an unparalleled opportunity at this event to make meaningful connections across the industry in an engaging environment.


Influential Experts

Hear about the latest best practice information, the most cutting-edge trends and technology, and get first-hand insights into the world’s most iconic projects from local changemakers in the AEC industry.


Address Global Issues, Locally

A global solution to a problem like the climate crisis demands local perspectives to be effective. By offering rich programs across key cities in a weeklong sequence of events, the CTBUH 2021 International Conference fosters the cross-pollination of ideas between practitioners who are experts in their local environmental needs. The resulting strategic discussions will help advance the conversation on developing resilient, resource-efficient urban environments well-adapted to their contexts.