30 October 2019
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM

Among the many obstacles to completing tall buildings rapidly enough to meet investor objectives, the process of construction itself remains the largest single component. In the Americas, the cost of labor and the stringency of safety regulations is particularly high. Neither quality of construction, safety, or the well-being of construction crews can be compromised. The challenge, then, is to speed construction while reducing inefficiency, using the optimum combination of technology and human ingenuity. Three presenters detail the latest developments in construction methodology helping high-rises reach the skies faster, better, and safer.

Session Chair: Mark Garland
President, GCL Builds, Toronto
Riggs Kubiak
SVP Owner Strategy, Procore Technologies, New York City
Terry Olynyk
President and Managing Director, Multiplex Construction Europe Ltd, Ontario
Timothy Johnson
Partner, NBBJ, New York City