30 October 2019
11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

As the population increases, megacities rise, and the urban landscape evolves ever more vertically, what is the future of the city? How can priorities of resource conservation and equitable distribution of housing and services be reconciled with the market imperatives implied by increasing land and resource scarcity? Through the use of new technologies, can the profit-driven model be channeled to create better housing for the influx of workers now inundating cities? How will the increasing proportion of elderly people in developed societies be accommodated and integrated? This session presents several forward-thinking scenarios, based on a combination of new construction methods, a more collaborative organization of space and thought, and new ways of thinking about using horizontal connections between tall buildings as a means of strengthening inter-generational links between people.

Session Chair: Robert Boog
Managing Director Global Large Projects, Schindler, Shanghai
Paul Runaghan
Associate Director, Arcadis UK, London
Steven Baldridge
President, Baldridge & Associates Structural Engineering, Honolulu
Ivan Ip
Director, Designer, Ethos Urban, Sydney