29 October 2019
4:00 PM – 5:30 PM

The intensity of the environmental movement and the requirement to house many millions of new urbanites have intersected to make mass timber a more viable option for tall building construction than ever before. Manufacturers, architects, engineers and contractors are racing to find creative ways to cost-effectively and safely build taller mass timber buildings than have been constructed historically. A number of advances in the connection systems, manufacturing supply chain, and new requirements for net-zero offices are driving tall timber at greater heights and volumes than ever before. Three fascinating presentations lend a new clarity to the pace and shape of change in this dynamic market.

Session Chair: Richard Lee
Technical Manager, Individuals, London
Shiling Pei
Associate Professor, Individuals, Denver
Hannes Blaas
CEO Rotho Blaas USA Inc, Rothoblaas s.r.l., New York City
Sobhy Masoud
Principal, Stephenson Engineering Limited, Toronto