30 October 2019
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM

As buildings become more technologically sophisticated, the central discussion can be misdirected towards a question of “What technologies should we choose?”, when the real question is, “How do we make better places for people to live and work?” This requires that a comprehensive understanding of occupant needs take precedence in all design and technology decisions. Technology can be thought of as the “bridge” between occupant needs and the successful satisfaction of those needs by the building. Even as new technologies come online, some of the longstanding frustrations of human interaction—both with each other and with systems such as temperature control and elevator wait times—must still be resolved. To cross the “bridge,” a new level of intimacy between people, buildings, and technology must be achieved.

Session Chair: Brian McElhatten
Managing Director - Structures, Walter P Moore, Chicago
Dave Hopping
President and CEO, Siemens Smart Infrastructure, Chicago
Steve Gonzalez
Director, KONE Corporation, Chicago
Gabriel Peschiera
Director, Smart Buildings, JB&B, New York City