29 October 2019
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM

Mass timber has entered the mainstream of discussion in the tall-building universe. Practitioners are pushing boldly forward with innovations and height records that recall the heady days of steel construction at the time of the Council’s founding in 1969. Today, practitioners are recognizing that wood has the capability to provide structural stability via diagonal bracing at the perimeter, as in the case study of a currently under-construction tower. Other case studies explore the use of modular units, in an effort to address—and reduce—the consumption of grey energy in construction materials and processes; and the use of large-scale glue-laminated trusses, working in tandem with cross-laminated timber (CLT) shear walls, to support the world’s current tallest timber building.

Session Chair: Terri Meyer Boake
Full Professor, University of Waterloo, Toronto
Matthias Sauerbruch
CEO & Founder, Sauerbruch Hutton, Berlin
Phil Gardiner
Director; Director, WSP, Melbourne
Rune Abrahamsen
CEO, Moelven Limtre, Oslo