Larry Wash
Executive Vice President, KONE Americas
KONE, Chicago

Today's organizations understand that technology must be a part of their operational bedrock, informing, shaping, and monitoring every decision. With smart building management solutions, technology provides greater insight into how a building’s assets are performing, maximizes uptime of vertical and horizontal transportation solutions, and helps to identify problems at the earliest possible opportunity. Data and real-time evaluation can help to determine and refine a proactive response to issues. Whether it’s predictive maintenance or forecasting a product’s life cycle, smart building management provides a 360-degree view of the real-time performance of a building’s assets—which translates into a better experience for building occupants. Smart building management solutions predict potential issues, drive an evolution in processes from reactive to predictive, and deliver real-time analytics to improve decision-making. Smart building management applies advanced analytical tools, such as machine learning algorithms, to create deep insights into people flow. Cloud-based data can be used to predict equipment issues more quickly and more intelligently, and sophisticated analytics take the guesswork out of long-term decision-making.